About Us

Ping Form Pte. Ltd. is specialist in Acoustic System, Fire-rated System False Ceiling, Drywall Partition & Wall lining. Besides that, in year 2005 we have got-out Furniture division to emphasize in interior decorate work.
Ping Form Pte. Ltd. formerly known as Ping Form Renovation Works was established in 1997.Initial thebusinesses focused were on small projects including residential and commercial. Projects were mainly secured based on recommendation thought clients, main contractor and advertisement.

Over the years, the company gathered experiences and grew rapidly and form 1998 the company was able undertake bigger projects, both on residential and especially on commercial.

The company also knows the importance of high technology, good customer service and highly trains staff to meet the expansion. Ping Form Pte Ltd has been committed to total quality management in our products and services.

Since 2000, with this commitment we have achievedinternational quality management system: ISO9001:2000 certification. In Beginning year 2008, our company succeeds awarded occupational health & safety management system:OSHAS 18001:2007certification.ISO14001:2004 achieved on 12 June 2012. Singapore Brands Award Year 2012/2013. We also one of The Building and Construction Authority(BCA) Registered Contractor, meanwhile, our company also participate bizSAFE to improve the management of work place safety and health (WSH).

With significant achievement made to date, Ping Form is confident that the company will be able to meet the needs of both existing and prospective clients.

Ping Form affirms to deliver the highest level of service to all clients with a team of competent well qualities specialists, and upgrade further for continued improvement strategy to meet your requirements.

Our Ping Form Singapore Group has always see the potential of Malaysia Construction market, and had on the year 2015 established in Malaysia Ping Form Group Sdn. Bhd. (PFG) to expand our business and service in Malaysia. We have managed in securing projects, and the year 2016 our secured project like:-
(a) PETRONAS Rapid Project: Package 22, EPCC Camp at JB Pengerang–“Main Contractor” Ramo Industries Sdn. Bhd.;
(b) PETRONAS Rapid Project: Package 6A/11, Lot O, Pengerang – “Main Contractor” Castwell Industries (M) Sdn. Bhd.;
(c) PETRONAS Rapid Project: Package 16A, Wabaq Muhiba – “Main Contractor”BHA Aluminium & Glass Sdn. Bhd.; 
(d) PETRONAS Rapid Project: Pengrang Office – “Main ContractorWabaq Muhiba
(e) PETRONAS Rapid Project: Package 14, Temporary Office – “Main Contractor”Geopakar Engineering Sdn. Bhd.; 
(f) Chinese Temple at
Ulu Tiram Village, 81800 Johor

In Singapore we have many senior supervisors and skilled Malaysian employees; they have been with us since we established Ping Form in the early 90s. Our Malaysian employees with their experience and skills enable us to provide our business planning and strategy effectively in Malaysia. We believed that with Singapore high efficiency, quality performance and Malaysian hard working attitude we could achieve good result and provide best service to our customers. We too work closely with our suppliers, especially from Malaysia, all have pledged their full support to PFG.




平風經過多年的經營運作,在業績迅速成長和豐富經驗累積下,平風開始承包各種大型建築工程中的天花板和屏風工程。自2000年開始採取ISO管理體糸,擁有ISO 90012000國際品質管理標準認證多年,在2008年初平風也取得職業健康及安全管理體系認證OHSAS 18001:2007ISO14001:2004. 新加坡品牌2012/2013目前平風正参與“生意保平安” (bizSAFE) 管理工作場所的安全與衛生 (WSH) 計劃。此外,平風也是The Building and Construction Authority (BCA)合格注册建築商之一。



平風一直关注马来西亚建筑市场的潜力,在2015年马来西亚成立平風集团有限公司(PFG)以扩展业务和服务。在2016年,我们成功争取到位于柔佛州新山邊佳蘭PETRONAS Rapid的工程,

(a) PETRONAS Rapid Project: Package 22, EPCC Camp at JB Pengerang  – “Main Contractor” is Ramo Industries Sdn. Bhd.;
(b) PETRONAS Rapid Project: Package 6A/11, Lot O, Pengerang  – “Main Contractor” is Castwell Industries (M) Sdn. Bhd.;
(c) PETRONAS Rapid Project: Package 16A, Wabaq Muhiba   – “Main Contractor” is BHA Aluminium & Glass Sdn. Bhd.; 
(d) PETRONAS Rapid Project: Pengerang Office – “Main Contractoris Wabaq Muhiba
(e) PETRONAS Rapid Project: Package 14 - Temporary Office – “Main Contractor” is Geopakar Engineering Sdn. Bhd.; 
(f) 新山优景镇玉封至富帛星君庙 - Chinese Temple at Ulu Tiram Village, 8100 Johor